Privacy Guidelines

Adopted August 2015 upon approval at AGM August 2, 2015

The purpose of this bylaw is to enable the Strata Corporation to comply with its statutory obligations under the Personal Information Protection Act with respect to "personal information", defined under that legislation.

1) The Strata Corporation will collect, retain, use and/or disclose personal information as required or permitted by the Strata Property Act, the Personal Information Protection Act, any other legislative provision, or these bylaws, in order to fulfil its legal obligations in the best interests of all of the owners, including, but not limited to the following purposes:

a. to identify and communicate with each strata lot owner and/or tenant;
b. to process payments, and collect amounts owing to the Strata Corporation;
c. to respond to emergencies;
d. to ensure the orderly management of the Strata Corporation;
e. to comply with legal requirements and statutory duties; and
f. to enforce the bylaws and rules of the Strata Corporation, and the provisions of the Strata Property Act which the Strata Corporation is obliged to enforce.

2) Optionally, the Strata Corporation may collect, retain, use and/or disclose other personal information from the owners with the explicit or implied consent of each owner, in which case the Strata Corporation must disclose the purpose of the collection, retention, use or disclosure, and must not use or disclose the personal information for any other purpose.

3) If an individual provides reasonable notice to the Strata Corporation that the individual withdraws consent to the collection, retention, use or disclosure of the individual's personal information, the Strata Corporation must inform the individual of the likely consequences to the individual, if any, of withdrawing consent, and must securely dispose of the personal information collected by consent, unless continued retention is authorized by law, or would breach an obligation of the Strata Corporation. Consent may only be withdrawn for information collected pursuant to paragraph (3).

4) The Strata Corporation must make every reasonable effort to ensure the accuracy and completeness of any personal information it collects that is likely to be used by the Strata Corporation to make a decision that directly affects the individual the information is about or to be disclosed to another party.
5) Within two weeks of receiving a written request, the Strata Corporation must provide an individual with an opportunity to review their personal information as retained by the Strata Corporation, except that documents and records which contain the personal information of multiple individuals must be redacted unless the consent of the other individuals was obtained for disclosure. Copies of documents and records may be obtained by any owner or tenant pursuant to section 36 of the Strata Property Act.

6) Within 30 days of receiving a written direction from the individual to correct their personal information, the Strata Corporation must correct the information in accordance with the direction if that request is reasonable, and must provide the corrected information to any party to whom the information being corrected was disclosed, within one year prior to the date of the correction. Whether the Strata Corporation makes or declines to make a requested correction, the Strata Corporation must keep a record of the request and whether or not the correction was made to the record in question.

7) The Strata Corporation must protect personal information by making reasonable security arrangements against such risks as unauthorized access, collection, use, disclosure, copying, modification or disposal.

8) The Strata Corporation must securely dispose of the personal information collected within one year after the requirement or authorization for retention lapses, except that minutes and other official records of the Strata Corporation which are kept pursuant to section 35 of the Strata Property Act may be retained indefinitely.
9) Where the Strata Corporation retains another organization such as a strata management company, to do work for it that involves personal information, the Strata Corporation will ensure that there is an agreement in place that commits the organization providing services to adhere to the Strata Corporation's privacy policy.

10) Any concerns with respect to privacy issues may be directed to the Strata Council, and any individual not satisfied with the Strata Corporation's privacy policy, or the implementation thereof may contact the Office of the Information and Privacy Commissioner for British Columbia.